Climate Change and pakistan

Climate change is an ironic issue today in front of world.It is serious issue which may case extinction of life from earth surface.Today facing issue of climate change are all hand made like earth temperature rise melting of galaciar extinction of animal habitat etc.

It affect all world especially developing countries like south Asian countries and middle east .Due to climate change thousand of life are lost from recent years and it lead to be a case of lost of million of dollor.Recent year in turkey forest fire kill near ten thousands animal and eat thousand of kilometer forest.In united state flood destroy more than five thousand houses and kill hundred of annocent people.

Pakistan state and people of Pakistan are very serious about climate change .Pakistan government start biggest tree plantation of near ten billion trees. All these tree are planted before 2023 .After world leader recognition Saudi government are become partner of this ten billion trees sunami project.British prime minister Boris Johnson appreciate this step of Pakistani government during his speech at UN 75th general assembly session .in 2021 Pakistan host world climate day ,this is absolutely great honour for Pakistan .

To overcome climate change all responsible government take step to overcome this isuue but this is success until a each Person take responsibility and fight with this virus .

May Allah give us strength to stop climate chage

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